10th NASS: Lawmakers commended for budgetary revamp

Professor Ifure A. Ifure, the Country Representative of the Centre for International and Strategy, stated that the House has moved from conventional closed-door methods to a new model that ensures more efficient and effective resource allocation.

Pulse reports that Professor Ifure stated his views in his evaluation of the Green Chamber after its first year in session.

He said, “For the first time in our nation’s history, budget proposals were subjected to public debate, inputs, and suggestions from members of the public.”

“This groundbreaking achievement occurred during the consideration of the last supplementary budget, when the Speaker, through Hon. Bichi, invited Nigerians to participate and granted live coverage for the world to see.”

He also noted that the Appropriations Committee, led by Hon. Kabir Bichi, has adopted an innovative system that leverages technology and data analytics to improve resource allocation.

Additionally, Prof Ifure noted that the committee has made the budget process more transparent and inclusive, allowing for public scrutiny and input, which marks a significant shift from previous methods.

“I commend the 10th House of Representatives, Speaker Tajudeen Abass, and the Appropriations Committee for this bold step towards a more inclusive and transparent budget process.”

“This achievement is a testament to the power of innovation and leadership in driving progress and development,” he said.

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