Humblesmith Tours America, Europe and UK


In 2016, Humblesmith overwhelmed the high-life scene in Nigeria. America, Europe and UK heard and saw, and now need to have a nibble of the Humblesmth’s cake. He is set to visit Europe, America and UK beginning this February 2017.

The high-life performer has been reserved for the following five months in these urban areas and he’s prepared to give his fans over the world an execution of their life.

Skilled artist Humblesmith has been upto something in 2017. Fans asked why he dropped hits consecutive and even dropped a dazzling video few days back. As if that was insufficient, he collaborated with the astounding TY Bello to make a Coming-to-America themed photoshoot which has since turned into a web sensation on the web.

The European visit is beginning from the February ninth to March 17, Humblesmith will wiggle between Malta, Amsterdam, Vienna (Austria), Napoli (Italy), Switzerland, Verona (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey) while urban communities, for example, Rogio Emila (Italy), Stuttgart (Germany), Hungary, Sweden, Cyprus and Finland are in the vicinity of 90 and 80 percent affirmed. For booking and different enquiries as respects Humblesmith in Europe, call +43 676 317 4870 0r +31 684 575215.

Between March eighteenth and April 20, Humblesmith will visit between London, Liverpool, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham, and Leeds. For enquiries about the shows in UK, contact +44 (0) 7956333560 or +234 703 853 9303

He will likewise be in the United States of America from May first to 31 where he will perform to his fan base in the nation. For appointments in America, call 46 94 07 27 71.

Humblesmith is marked to N-Tyze Entertainment.

Humblesmith Tours America, Europe and UK