Don Jazzy’s Independence Message To Nigerians

Don Jazzy’s Independence Message To Nigerians

Don Jazzy’s Independence Message To Nigerians

Dear Nigerians,

Give me a chance to say upbeat Independence Day to all of us. May God give us the beauty to witness numerous a greater amount of it healthy and sound personality.

My Compatriots, however our nation as of now at 56, is without a doubt not where we as a whole cherish it to be yet, yet I have a solid trust that we are as of now on the way to enormity. What’s more, that is the sort of soul I need to urge all of you to go ahead. There would without a doubt be promising finish to the present course of action for us, let us not lose trust. In any case, the attempting time the nation is at present experiencing, we might overcome.

In the event that truth must be told, to get to the Promised Land, we as a whole have our diverse parts to play in the venture Nigeria. Most particularly the young people, since we are the pioneers of tomorrow. While that may seem like an adage, yet I anticipate a Nigeria where the young people would assume control over the mantle of initiative in the closest future. So let all of us start to disregard indecencies of any sort and grasp all that is righteous. Since that is the surest way we can get ready for the errand ahead.

As a performer who has blended and worked with kindred artistes from practically every area in the nation, I make intense to say that our solidarity lies emphatically in our differing qualities. What’s more, the more we consider ourselves to be siblings and sisters, the better for all of us. Also, much the same as in Supreme Mavin Dynasty where we work with the logic that everybody is borne with a special ability, in the event that you have influence in the country working in the zone where you are one of a kind and I play mine as well, you can envision the outcome we would get toward the day’s end.

Besides, for task Nigeria to work the way we need, different ventures need to occur at the same time in ICT, Health Care, Education, Tourism, Media, Entertainment, thus on keeping in mind the end goal to open up the goldmines inside. I need utilize this chance to approach the Government, NGOs and Corporate Bodies to meet up in guaranteeing that we take this our dearest nation to more noteworthy statures. We just need to work at it and things would begin becoming all-good at the appropriate time. I am extremely confident of that.

At long last, as we commend our 56th Independence commemoration, I supplicate that around this time one year from now, Nigeria would have a few turning points to celebrate.

Yours Sincerely,

Wear Jazzy.