Can Ice Prince Give Us An Album Badder Than His Swag?


The person I am expounding on Ice Prince basically needs no presentation. We as a whole know him right? Why is somebody acting as they don’t have any acquaintance with him? Hold up! Relax; let me jar your whimsical memory. Goodness, I get it, you’re losing your warmth for him and you’re not any more steadfast.

Tragically, it has come to point you have begun get to know another rapper to fill in the — – hole. Indeed, suppose Ice Prince is a piece of the fault for our faltering faithfulness. Indeed, he has been straightforwardly playing with different kinds, pop, highlife directly in front of us. Like the betrayal wasn’t sufficient; when he returned to his first love Hip Hop, he declined to go in hard. We truly needed an “eargasm” when he listened to his rap singles, however the moxie was much too low, to coordinate our preparation. It resembles having an accomplice that has ED, the women comprehend this line better. A sibling needs Viagra to get his magic up.

On the off chance that you missed it. Ice Prince charmed us with his Brymo helped Oleku. Oleku still stands as one of the greatest rap melodies in Africa, with the most noteworthy remixes ever for a rap tune. Likewise, he is exceptionally popular for his 2012 hit melody Aboki. I need to trust that Aboki conveyed to him his 2013 BET grant as Best International Act: Africa. Not neglecting to specify other awesome tunes and honors to his name.

Above all, despite everything we know Ice ruler for his swag; the swag is practically overwhelming itself. Everyone Loves Ice Prince, and regardless of the fact that you don’t care for him a considerable measure, you will like his balance and swagger. The kid can dress, right from his snap backs, all around prepared facial hair, down to tennis shoes, he keeps it 100 and 1%. This Aboki can kill on the runways on the off chance that he ever tries displaying. In any case, now how about we tell our person, some legitimate focuses now.

Ice Prince is one artiste that his reputation for swag goes ahead of him, even before his music. Problem is that his rap game has been diluted while the swag remains intact. He too like many other rapper colleagues, is flirting with other genres outside rap. Shouldn’t he divorce rap openly and get together with pop music or high life as a singer. Too many times his lyrics are dead on arrival, and a disappointment to hip-hop sense. Your fans deserve more, don’t you think so? Our guy should be reprimanded openly for feeding us with his cold chocolate bars that might be best served at a nursery school. He should be penalized for mindless lifting and overt plagiarism. Now the music consuming populace, don dey wise up, we no dey chop anything in the guise of music even if it’s served by our favourite artiste.

Our dearest Ice Prince, your third studio album is just days away from official release. Music lovers and fans, especially “Zamaniacs” are asking, can Ice Prince give us an album badder than his swag? We want for once that your music out smarts your looks and swag. Prove us wrong that you don’t only serve cold chocolate bars. Rain down the Fire of Zamani, drop some hot bars that will raise the dead. Drive us to endless “eargasms” as we listen to your Jos To The World Album. Your core fans Zamaniacs are eager to slap anyone who dare taunts you as a cold chocolate rapper, after listening to your latest project. Zamaniacs dey your back no just fall our hands abeg.