The Game – 92 Bars Meek Mill Diss Radio Rip


The Game – 92 Bars (Meek Mill Diss) (Radio Rip)

The Game is coming at Meek Mill in his diss track “92 Bars.”

Things have immediately warmed up between The Game and Meek Mill, the reasons of which are still essentially obscure. Starting now, we’ve truly just gotten notification from The Game, so we’ll need to see what happens when/if Meek talks up.

The previous evening, while performing at a Miami Beach dance club, The Game aggravated up the gathering of people by sending dangers towards Meek Mill, and calling him a nark. Presently he’s lined that up with a diss track, “92 Bars,” debuted on Power 105.1 before toward the beginning of today. Starting now we simply have a low-quality radio tear, which makes even the verses hard to interpret (in addition to it’s the spotless variant), so you’ll need to listen nearly.

“Blood’ll be dribbling like Niagara in the event that I jab Meek, Nicki won’t get no rest,” he raps, additionally referencing Meek’s ghostwriting meat with Drake (and alluding to him as a nark for his part in it– a repeating topic).

“You better have Ross call me or you gon’ be eye level where the insect be,” he includes later, finishing the record by rapping: “N*gga you know I snap you like a toothpick, and squealing on n*ggas ain’t never been no cool crap, and I’ve been needing to give Nicki this pool stick.”

Yeesh. What do you consider it?

Download: The Game – 92 Bars (Meek Mill Diss) (Radio Rip)